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Missionally Engaging American Christian Nationalists


Coming July 2nd!

Christian Nationalism has taken over large swathes of the United States, and many of us are experiencing the relational fallout of standing against it, in our families, communities, and churches.​


While it’s possible to be both a Christian and hold Christian Nationalist ideas, Christian Nationalism itself is an un-Christian worldview, rooted in ideas about property, race, and power that are irreconcilable with Christian faith. Instead of condemning, dismissing, or belittling those who adhere to Christian Nationalism, we can reach them with the love of Jesus. 

​Disarming Leviathan, a forthcoming book by Intervarsity Press will introduce the basics of Christian Nationalism and explores the reasons so many people are attracted to it. It will cover a variety of American Christian Nationalist talking points, offer questions and responses that “humbly subvert” these claims, and cultivate deeper, heart-level conversations that lead to Jesus. 

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